Elisabetta Raguseo

Elisabetta Raguseo

Elisabetta Raguseo holds a Ph.D. in Innovation Management and Product Development and is Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Torino, where she teaches economics and business organization. Previously, she was a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the business school Grenoble École de Management, where she worked on a research project funded by the European Commission. Her main research interests are in strategic information systems, digital transformations of industries and value chains, and the relationship between digital transformation and new forms of work. Her recent scientific works have appeared in leading international journals, including International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Information & Management, International Journal of Information Management, New Technology, Work and Employment.

Selected publications

  • RAGUSEO, E., PIGNI, F., PICCOLI, G., (2018), “Conceptualization, operationalization and validation of the digital data stream readiness index”, Journal of Global Information Management, Volume 26, Issue 4, Forthcoming, Idea Group Publishing, DOI
  • NEIROTTI, P., RAGUSEO, E., PAOLUCCI, E., (2018), “How SMEs develop ICT-based capabilities in response to their environment: past evidence and implications for the uptake of the new ICT paradigm”, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Forthcoming, Emerald Publishing, DOI 10.1108/JEIM-09-2016-0158
  • RAGUSEO, E., (2018), “Big data technologies: an empirical investigation on their adoption, benefits and risks for companies”, International Journal of Information Management, Volume 38, Issue 1, Pages 187–195, Elsevier, DOI 10.1016/J.IJINFOMGT.2017.07.008
  • NEIROTTI, P., RAGUSEO, E., PAOLUCCI, E., (2017), “Flexible work practices and the firm’s need for external orientation: an empirical study of SMEs”, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Volume 30, Issue 6, Pages 922-943, Emerald Publishing, DOI 10.1108/JEIM-04-2016-0090
  • RAGUSEO, E., NEIROTTI, P., PAOLUCCI, E., (2016), “How small hotels can drive value their way in infomediation. The case of ‘Italian hotels versus OTAs and TripAdvisor’”, Information & Management, Volume 54, Issue 6, Pages 745-756, Elsevier, DOI 10.1016/J.IM.2016.12.002
  • RAGUSEO, E., VITARI, C., (2017), “The effect of brand on the impact of e-WOM on hotels’ financial performance”, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Volume 21, Issue 2, Pages 249-269, Routledge, DOI 10.1080/10864415.2016.1234287
  • NEIROTTI, P., RAGUSEO, E., (2017), “On the contingent value of IT-based capabilities for the competitive advantage of SMEs: mechanisms and empirical evidence”, Information & Management, Volume 54, Issue 2, Pages 139-153, Elsevier, DOI 10.1016/J.IM.2016.05.004
  • RAGUSEO, E., VITARI, C., (2016), “Digital data, dynamic capability and financial performance: an empirical investigation in the era of Big Data”, Systèmes d’Information et Management, Volume 21, Issue 3, Pages 63-92, Eska, DOI 10.3917/SIM.163.0063
  • RAGUSEO, E., GASTALDI, L., NEIROTTI, P., (2016), “Smart work: supporting employees’ flexibility through ICT, HR practices and office layout”, Evidence-based HRM: a Global Forum for Empirical Scholarship, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 240-256, Emerald Publishing, DOI 10.1108/EBHRM-01-2016-0004
  • NEIROTTI, P., RAGUSEO, E., PAOLUCCI, E., (2016), “Are customers’ reviews creating value in the hospitality industry? Exploring the moderating effects of market positioning”, International Journal of Information Management, Volume 36, Issue 6, Pages 1133-1143, Elsevier, DOI 10.1016/J.IJINFOMGT.2016.02.010
  • RAGUSEO, E., PAOLUCCI, E., NEIROTTI, P., (2015), “Exploring the tensions behind the adoption of mobile work practices in SMEs”, Business Process Management Journal, Volume 21, Issue 5, Pages 1162-1185, Emerald Publishing, DOI 10.1108/BPMJ-12-2013-0155
  • ALFIERI, A., CANTAMESSA, M., MONTAGNA, F., RAGUSEO, E., (2013), “Usage of SOS methodologies in production system design”, Computers & Industrial Engineering, Volume 64, Issue 2, Pages 562-572, Elsevier, DOI 10.1016/J.CIE.2012.12.007
  • NEIROTTI, P., PAOLUCCI, E., RAGUSEO, E., (2013), “Is it all about size? Comparing organisational and environmental antecedents of IT assimilation in small and medium-sized enterprises”, International Journal of Technology Management, Volume 61, Issue 1, Pages 82-108, Inderscience Publishers, DOI 10.1504/IJTM.2013.050245
  • NEIROTTI, P., PAOLUCCI, E., RAGUSEO, E., (2013), “Mapping the antecedents of telework diffusion: firm-level evidence from Italy”, New Technology, Work and Employment, Volume 28, Issue 1, Pages 16-36, Wiley, DOI 10.1111/NTWE.12001
  • NEIROTTI, P., PAOLUCCI, E., RAGUSEO, E., (2012), “Telework configurations and labour productivity: some stylized facts”, International Journal of Engineering Business Management, Volume 4, Sage Publications, DOI 10.5772/51641
  • PAUTASSO, E., FERRO, E., RAGUSEO, E., (2011), “A benchmarking analysis of digital divide among citizens: the Italian evidence”, International Journal of Digital Society, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 507-516, Infonomics Society, DOI 10.20533/IJDS.2040.2570.2011.0061

Working papers

  • COLOMBELLI, A., PAOLUCCI, E., RAGUSEO, E., “The determinants of digital start-ups formation: the role of digital entrepreneurial ecosystems in Italy”
  • NEIROTTI, P., RAGUSEO, E., “How value is captured through internet visibility: exploring the complementarities of the presence of hotels on different online intermediaries”
  • NEIROTTI, P., RAGUSEO, E., GASTALDI, L., “Designing flexible work for job satisfaction: evaluating how job characteristics can support work disaggregation”


Elisabetta Raguseo

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC)
Department of Management and Production Engineering (DIGEP)
Politecnico di Torino

C.so Duca degli Abruzzi, 24
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