Research objectives

The acronym FAI derives from: Filiera automotive italiana. The goal of the research project is to develop an analysis on the changes in Italian digital manufacturing.In particular, the research aims to understand the impact of new production technologies (including the different applications of robotics and related
technologies, IoT, etc.) on business organization, work and organization of industrial sectors.Research will focus on the automotive sector due to the importance of this sector in the Italian economy.An analysis of the state of digital transformation underway in the Italian automotive supply chain offers opportunities for understanding the phenomenon both for the actors directly involved, for policy makers and for society in general.


The project intends to collect the necessary data through the FAI-Digital questionnaire to be sent to the population of Italian companies in the automotive sector for compilation. The questionnaire will use as a reference the same population analyzed by the “Osservatorio sulla componentistica automotive Italiana”, so as to be able to use the information of the Observatory for its contextualization.

Research team

The questionnaire will be created and analyzed by the research network composed by :

CAMI (Center for Automotive & Mobility Innovation) coordinated by Prof. Francesco Zirpoli;
Collegio Carlo Alberto coordinated by Prof. Aldo Geuna;
Politecnico di Torino, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale e della Produzione coordinated by Prof. Emilio Paolucci.

Other partners

The research team will collaborate with Professor Susan Helper of Case Western Reserve University (Weatherhead School of Management). Last year, Susan Helper created a questionnaire on the digital transformation of the US automotive supply chain. This inquiry was translated and contextualized to the Italian case, forming the basis of the FAI-Digital questionnaire. The realization of a questionnaire for Italy comparable with the research carried out in North America (USA + Canada) allows for the first time to offer a comparative analysis with North America of the digital transformation of the Italian automotive industry.

Project coordinator: Prof. Emilio Paolucci

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