Education and training

The Center will provide educational activities in order to build skills in the practice of entrepreneurship and innovation management. The key objectives are to raise the awareness and to improve the knowledge of the theoretical foundations and the practical implications revolving around the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation management. The Center will pursue such goals according to the target audience: university students (M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels), founders and managers of start-ups, managers of established firms interested in innovating the products and services of their firms, and the faculty of Politecnico di Torino.

The teaching methodology will be designed to foster entrepreneurial attitudes and provide skills and tools necessary to create new ventures and enhance value creation in corporate environments. A team of teachers and mentors will be assembled, following a multidisciplinary approach that ease the experimentation and individual learning of young prospective entrepreneurs and innovators.

The Center might work for improving and integrating in a coherent framework the current programs at M.Sc. level and Ph.D. on innovation management and entrepreneurship. In particular, courses that match innovation and entrepreneurship will be developed. Summer schools on specific themes will be organized in order to attract training experiences and expand the network of scholars and practitioners.

At the same time, training programs for firm executives and for faculty and other staff at Politecnico di Torino will be defined and deployed, focusing on issues related to technology assessment, intellectual property rights and entrepreneurship. The programs for managers and executives will foster the dissemination of the best practices in the field of entrepreneurial training, with the aim of bridging industrial and academic experience.

The training programs for faculty and personnel will be integrated in a more comprehensive plan that includes specific activities with the objective to support the projects for technology transfer at Politecnico di Torino. In particular, the competence, skills and tools of the researchers will be shared to support the current activities for technology scouting and assessment.